Case Studies

Prison Sewage Clean Up

Location: Sing Sing Prison, New York

Project Type: Waste Water Spill Disinfection

Imagine a broken sewage pipe inside a prison. It spews spreading filth that covers everything nearby, gushing into low areas and filling every nook and cranny. The only thing more disgusting than the muck that is visible to the eye is the thought of the unseen nastiness and disease within the foul deluge.


For the facilities manager at Sing Sing Prison in New York, this was not a nightmare but a harsh reality. The broken waste water pipe was not only disgusting; it was a potential health hazard. A thorough disinfection was mandatory and it needed to happen fast. In other words, an ideal scenario for ProKure V, ClO2 liquid.


First, the restoration team removed heavy soil along with non-salvageable materials then thoroughly cleaned all surfaces with a degreaser and rinsed with water. Later, they brewed up a batch of ProKure1 Liquid Spray, using ProKure V formula packets and tap water. ProKure V was applied directly onto the affected areas, so the surfaces were visibly wet. Since it is fluid, the ProKure V covered every spot that was touched by the sewage water, including all the nooks and crannies. The area was then left to dry naturally for over 10 minutes.


The active ingredient in ProKure V – ClO2 – kills E. coli and other odor causing bacteria and naturally dissipates leaving no harmful residue. Once the ProKure V applied area at Sing Sing Prison was dry, the area was also completely disinfected. Testing verified the area cleaner than before the pipe break. Better than bleach and traditional cleaners, nothing is more effective for tough deodorization and disinfection jobs than ProKure V. Call us with any questions and to share your results. (866) 206-1301