ProKure's line of containers, applicators and other accessories help to activate and to store the liquid and gas formula packets. Please call us at 866.206.1301 with any questions.

  • NameDispersion Cup
  • Item #123-0053R I 123-0054C
  • DescriptionPlastic cup (filled with 1.5" of water) used for the dispersion of ProKure G Fast Release Gas product line.
  • Name20 Gallon Container
  • Item #205-20GR / 185-20GC
  • Description20-gallon opaque (not clear) poly drum. Dispensing options include: #195-DHP, hand pump for large drum (not shown) and #195-DRP, rotary pump for large drum (not shown)
  • Name5 Gallon Container
  • Item #205-5GS-R / 185-5GS-C
  • Description5-gallon opaque (not clear) poly container with collar and spigot
  • Name1 Gallon Container
  • Item #195-1G
  • Description1-gallon opaque (not clear) poly bottle with cap
  • Name1 Quart Container
  • Item #195-QT
  • Description1-quart (32 oz.) opaque (not clear) poly bottle with sprayer