Case Studies

Mold In An Old Theater – Cat 2

Location: Ford Theater – Detroit, Michigan

Project Type: Mold Elimination & Deodorization


It’s common for some old buildings to have a musty smell. That’s not always a big problem. Visible mold however, is a BIG problem and one that is a health concern that requires expert attention. At the historic Ford Theater in Detroit, Michigan, a constant musty odor had been present for as long as anyone could remember. When water incursion led to the appearance of mold within the building – Cat 2 water damage – the owners called a restoration professional for help with the project.


First, the professional prepared a container of ProKure V (ProKure1 liquid spray) on site using tap water, non-opaque containers and ProKure V liquid formula packets. After an hour of activation time, he treated the mold-affected hard, non-porous surfaces, heavily with the liquid until the surfaces were visibly wet, then leaving it to dry naturally to kill the mold. In order to reach into hidden nooks and crannies and to eliminate any remaining odor caused by the mold, the confined, unoccupied area was then treated with ProKure G (ProKure1 Gas). ProKure G was produced on site using ProKure G gas formula packets and plastic cups filled with 1.5” of water for a period of 4-6 hours, followed by an hour of airing out before re-occupation.


Post-treatment testing at the Ford Theater verified no mold spores present (zero!), making the space safe for occupation. The stubborn and ever-present musty odor was gone too! In fact, the owner’s daughter called to thank the restoration professional saying “The theater has never smelled this good!”. ProKure V to the rescue, once again! Nothing performs better on Cat 1, 2 & 3 water damage jobs.


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